Cruisers’ Guide to the Sea Sample Quiz

Welcome to your Historic Boats and Ships Quiz

Why did early steamboats tow a smaller boat behind for women passengers?
The Baltimore Clipper design, adapted from a type used in Bermuda and the West Indies, made them faster than anything afloat in 1814 and allowed their crews to:
What innovation on early Roman ships allowed the upstart state to defeat the Carthaginians and gain a foothold on the road to world domination?
The oceanic deep was a complete mystery until William Beebe built the Bathysphere in the 1930s. Swiss physicist Auguste Piccard improved the design, and his Triest carried two men down seven and a half miles into the Mariana Trench. Why has no human ever gone back to that depth?
In the early 1400s, while European explorers were still working on their knots, Admiral Zheng He voyaged to India, Africa, and possibly even the Americas. What happened to bring down China’s mastery of the sea?

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