Berries and Bears

I’ve always loved finding sweet ripe serviceberries (pronounced sarvice) while hiking in the mountains.  The Waterton Park guide called them Saskatoon berries which has an even funner ring to it. Our campsite was overrun with them, so when our dog spotted a bear rummaging around right under our window, I was only surprised that the bear didn’t stay longer.  

Moving On

A fellow Newfoundland Ferryboater commented on the miles that Steve claimed we’d put on our trailer. I said that Steve is the kind of guy that likes to get there…and there, and there, and there.  The man’s wife upped the smart comment bar by saying: “He thinks he’s a shark and has to keep moving or die.”

High Tide Horror? 2

  The Bay of Fundy claims the world’s highest tidal change, and in Maitland, Nova Scotia that water runs unsettlingly red. Our tidal bore guide rafted us out to a sandbar, invited us out of the raft, and insisted that we go watch the tide cover the sandbar. None of us seemed too keen on the idea of walking the length of a drowning sandbar, but the experience turned out to be my favorite of the trip. As the floodwater’s shallow leading edge lapped over sand ripples, it made a cheerful, almost tinkly, sound. The pink wavelets seemed to be whispering and chuckling like cute horror show “innocents” […]