Presentations: Stirring Sea Secrets Collection


A baby dolphin studied a man smoking outside her aquarium window then swam to her mother for a nip of milk. Returning to the window, she mimicked the cigarette smoke by releasing a tendril of milk.  Given the size of dolphins’ brains, many people wonder what more might be in store behind those grins.

This slide show presentation explores fascinating findings and intriguing clues to the goings-on inside dolphin skulls.  Stories of water wizardry, blowhole bantam leagues, hair-raising rescues, and startling sex scenes (discrete) entertain and inform listeners.Ann with a dolphin








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I came walking out of Ann Williams’ presentation on dolphins trying to figure out why I liked it so much. Yes, it’s meticulously researched, and yes, I learned a lot I never knew about these amazing aquatic animals; but mostly I just felt happy…happy she gave the talk, happy I attended it, sure, but mostly just happy that such wonderful creatures share the earth with us. I’m not usually one to gush, but if I could blow a dolphin water ring and then punctuate it with an exclamation point, I would. I’ll take my chances that they’d know what it meant…!! 

                     –Gwynne Stanker, author, Native American novel THE SUNWALKERS



Whales: nature's showboaters

Songs of the Humpback Whale, released in 1970, sold more copies than any human album ever had.  The reverberations kicked off a mighty whale-saving fan club that stifled the whaling industry and kindled a tsunami-force environmental movement that’s still growing.  The more we learn about whales, the more they awe and intrigue us.  This cetacean celebration investigates the whale phenom through a mix of recent findings, pop culture, sea lore, and stunning photos.  To schedule a performance for your group, contact Ann.



    Big  Doings  in  the  Deep


  Photo from Pinterest


When Magellan dropped his fathom line and found no bottom to chart, he pronounced the Pacific Ocean “unfathomable.”  Explorers have learned a lot since then, much of it in the last 30 years—and much of it jaw-dropping.  Undersea mountains are movers and shakers, and the mind-boggling goings-on around them took the scientific community by storm.  Now that submersibles make oceans more fathomable, those mountains have opened a portal to the workings of the earth and much more.  This presentation is richly illustrated and suffused with wonder.  To schedule a presentation for your group, contact Ann.

It was stunning!  The photos and information were fascinating, and we all learned a lot.  –Amy Moulton, Director, West Custer County Library


Romancing the Sea



Seaside or high seas, the ocean is the place to go for romance.  From breathtakingly beautiful sea creatures to mermaid legends to the intriguing mores of seahorses, seals, turtles, otters, and octopuses; this presentation explores and celebrates Neptune’s most enchanting sea life.    To schedule a presentation for your group, contact Ann.

I want to congratulate you on having done your research—you have presented some sound facts about sea otters!  Well done!    Gena Bentall, Program Coordinator, Sea Otter Savvy









Hair Raisers from the Deep:

                         Creepiest Sea Creatures

Photo from uglyanimals.blogspot

Things are different in the deep.  Eyes are optional.  Slime is good.  Beauty equals toxicity.  An array of bizarre creatures kicks this picture show off with unholy adaptations to make even scales crawl.  Kraken, the sea monsters of old, keep the horrors coming.  Calling them squid changes none of the monstrous and terrors described by early sailors.  Sharks finish things off with news from a growing wave of shark-huggers that jaws aren’t so bad.  That tendency to sever an occasional leg is nothing personal.  Still, your audience may want to note a few sea situations to avoid.

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Viking Legends and Legacies

Norwegian ruler Olaf Tryggvason is remembered for his bloodlust and his ability to leap from oar to oar as his men rowed. He’s one of a legion of colorful Viking warriors who blazed a murderous trail, yet left a surprisingly orderly, prosperous, and sophisticated wake.  Small wonder that stories of the Norsemen continue to fascinate.

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…we LOVED your presentation!!!  Thank you so much again, we look forward to your next presentation here at the Penrose Community Library! — Marsha Benedict






Kid Curry’s Last RideCHATAQUA PRESENTATION - Kid Curry’s Last Ride

“Thank you for your wonderful presentation last night—it was informative, dramatic, and in many ways, thought provoking.
Your words, as conveyed through your performance, really brought history to life–you gave the human beings who made that history flesh, blood, feelings, emotions, dreams, and desires—you made them like us.  It is obvious you have a talent for the many facets of historical dramatization…”
Warren Nolan
(Pueblo Archeological & Historical Society)

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Historical Reinactment Program

Kid Curry & Annie Rogers

Kid Curry & Annie Rogers


Kid Curry’s Last Ride tells the story of an outlaw and gunman–a cohort of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, and the worst of the Wild Bunch.  He ate lawmen for breakfast, but his long spree was ended by a backcountry, Parachute, Colorado rancher who joined the posse to retrieve a stolen horse.


Rolland Gardner with his son Fred and wife Belle

That rancher was the great grandfather of the speaker Ann Williams, and she has included the story in her newly published family biography, No Market for ‘Em.

The history involved in the program is interesting and touches on many issues quite relevant in this time.  To give the production pizzazz, the speaker “channels” Curry’s soiled dove girlfriend who gives a firsthand account of a part of the outlaw’s life.