New Mexico

Dream Catching 2

In Old Town Albuquerque, my cruise friend, Sally and I learned about Dream Catchers, artistic webs to hang above children’s pillows.  The beads fastened into the web are said to catch dreams before they reach the children.  They filter out nightmares, and pass the good dreams to feathers dangling beneath the web.  The feathers then transmit sweet dreams to the sleeping children.  This was news to me.  I’d always assumed that Dream Catchers were intended to snare waking dreams and help them come true. Later we came across a box of unfinished dream catchers in a going-out-of business store.  I liked that the Dream Catchers were […]

Positive Sign

The enterprising roadside sellers near New Mexico’s Rio Grande Gorge Bridge, offer some tempting Native American creations if you’re up for shopping.

Sign Out

I noticed this notice at the Earthship Biotecture World Headquarters and Visitor Center near Taos New Mexico–definitely an out there kind of place.  

Bridging 4

I’m a bridge walker which is nothing like a street walker.  I just love bridges. I’ve walked the Brooklyn, Sydney Harbor, Royal Gorge, Multnomah Falls, London (in Lake Havasu) and pretty much every other bridge I could get my feet on. But until Steve and I walked the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge outside Taos, New Mexico, I’d never seen a bridge equipped with a phone offering on-the-spot suicide counseling. Ten of those hotlines were spaced along the Rio Grande Gorge’s span. Why is suicide such an issue there?  A Taos Pueblo tour guide told us that young American Indians are two to three times more […]

Roadside Romeo

Spotted on a magnetic sign on a pickup truck in desolation New Mexico: Lonesome Dove seeking country woman for dinner and dancing. Would you give roadside romance a chance?