“Gibraltar is just a rock until we learn its history and inner secrets.
Knowing enriches the going.”


COVID put a crimp in my cruise lectures project highlighted below, but lockdown furnished ample time to finally finish the mystery novel I started in 2002. My experiences working in a college science prep lab inspired a turbulent tapestry of authentic, fun, creepy, intriguing, and disgusting happenings. The story is set in Colorado and includes visits to Hanging Lake, Breckenridge, as well as an Avs game. I wrote Mile High Lab Rat with love, malice, and a grim determination to show you a good time. Don’t miss it!

Ann and Steve’s excellent adventures continue as we roam the world chasing down fascinating tidbits, eye-opening photos, and stirring tales for my Sea Secrets cruise ship lecture series.  What kinds of secrets?  Sea creatures, geology, history, traditions, lore and more. See my Presentations page for details.

What would you like to learn in these presentations, and where would you suggest we go to learn about it?  Click here and tell me about it.