Holy Gratitude, Blog Woman!

I spent over a decade trying to get my mystery novel to work.  It may take another five

years to get it publishable, but I’m up for it.  My patience with computer issues is another story.  Seven minutes is tops before my gasket blows.  Fortunately  Steve has amazing fortitude for trying and trying and trying and trying until he finds a solution.

Sherri Moore

Sherri Moore

Still the idea of creating the requisite book-launch website with all bells, whistles, Tweets, and filters seemed akin to curing cancer.  I called the university computer science department and pleaded for a good student.  That’s when the heavens opened and sent us Sherri Moore, cyber goddess.

Jesus Geek


Our groundbreaker meeting had me in high terror, practically paralyzed at the prospect of committing to wrong choices, but Sherri picked up her torch and led us through the URLs of confusion; checking prices and features, suggesting servers, sheltering our credit card, calling in questions.  The time and expertise she put into the site were phenomenal.  She learned the program as she went along, adding a plugin here, customizing HTML there, offering content suggestions.

Her specialty is pictures.   She doctored our photos with icecream and Picassa and arranged them in Publisher and fussed until the spacing submitted.  Then, ever patient and enthusiastic, she showed me the pathways.  I can’t say I’m a star pupil, but I haven’t had a meltdown, and that’s mega.  Bless you Sherri!

I know this isn’t the Academy Awards, but I need to also thank our cruising friends Bob and Joan as well as my writers’ group, book club, kids, Mom, and the Heavens that sent them all.  You are the best!

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