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Stone city ruins

Machu Picchu photo by Shawna Williams

What luck to find a travel agent who knows just how to smooth the way for an elder in Peru.  I’ve been on a mission to get my 85 year old mother to Machu Picchu since told me she’d always wanted to go.  Jacquie Whitt fixed us up for April, but  could only suggest international flights for getting there and back.  Even with her suggestions, we almost had panic attacks over booking the tickets.  There are just so many details to get right and so much money blown if it’s wrong.  Too late I thought, Jacquie books trips all day every day.  Ask her how to get it right.  Here’s what she said:

When I book plane tickets:

Jacquie Whitt, Adios Adventure Travel

Jacquie Whitt, Adios Adventure Travel

* always check rates from more than 1 airport. I’m willing to drive 2 hours to save $400 or more per ticket.
* always search business class as well as economy. Sometimes the cost may be close enough to justify.
* I search flights on because it allows me to search multiple hubs, multiple dates, multiple airlines at one time.
* if I’m redeeming award miles, I check economy & business class, because it’s possible that business class might cost same.
* when redeeming award miles, it is possible to book each way on different airlines to use least amount of miles.
For instance, you could fly from US to Lima, Peru on American Airlines. And fly Lima to US on Delta Airlines. Since most flights from Lima to US are redeye, look for economy comfort or business class seats.

                                                                                                               Jacquie Whitt, Adios Adventure Travel

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