Losing Faith 2

IMG_0991Our GPS leads us out of the darkness so unfailingly that when our friend Pat suggested the name Faith, we embraced it. Since then Steve began calling on Faith’s ways of finding reasonable rooms for the night whenever we grow weary.

Our March road trip to New Orleans tested Faith on several evenings when pickings were slim, but between our Faith and Pat’s Siri, we found comfortable vacancies.  One evening Siri’s Trip Advisor ratings insisted on an inn a good way off our beaten path.  Without Faith the complicated cross-town zigzags would have been overwhelming, we didn’t despair. Over a late supper, we plotted our final leg, pestering Siri with so many distance questions that she went on strike.

That’s when Steve called on Faith once more. Maybe we should have given her time to regain her strength after so many trials, but we were thoughtless.  There in a booth somewhere in Joplin, Missouri, our Faith ebbed away–most likely suicide.
With no idea how to get back to the highway leading home, we might have wandered lost for 40 years had Steve not at last revived our Faith.  Fervent blessings and eternal gratitude to the designers of the GPS.

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Ann Williams’ travel articles have appeared in publications all over the country including The Washington Post, Roads to Adventure, and Jack and Jill. Between researching and writing books, she specializes in creative lectures.

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    • breathtakebyways Post author

      Hope you are enjoying your trip, Gwynne. Funny that I happen to have a Cortez restaurant story. When I was eleven or so, my family stayed in Cortez, and a hotel staffer suggested Pippos as a good place to eat supper. I don’t remember what the problems with Pippos were, but my parents kept joking that it had been highly recommended. The dive must not have been all that bad because when Steve and I drove through a few years ago, I saw that Pippos was still in business some forty years later.

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