House Haunter on the Loose

img_0284The Avenue Plaza Resort in New Orleans offers a pool, rooftop sundeck, fitness center…and a haunted house? Yes, a Civil War era house occupies the resort’s back corner, and on certain evenings, hotel employees offer free tours. Our guide was new and img_0286had only heard rumors of ghostly goings-on.  She’d been told that twelve ghosts inhabit the house which was used as a hospital (amputation factory) during the war.  One of the ghosts objected to visitors playing her piano.  Another sometimes rearranged the toys on one of the beds.


Wait, maybe I did catch a ghost glimpse in this picture.  Wow!

If our hosts were in, they apparently were not feeling it.  Vigilant as we were for signs of paranormality, the pull-chain swaying on an overhead lamp and door swinging partially closed didn’t seem improbable enough to warrant haunt status.  The toys on the bed did get rearranged and inspire thrills with some of the guests, but I happen to know that the spirit who moved the toys that night is still packing a body.

The writings of children and soldiers sheltered there still grace the walls.

The writings of children and soldiers once sheltered there, still grace the upstairs walls.


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