Who’s the Helper in Helper, Utah?

Main drag in Helper, Utah

Why did the folks in Helper, Utah choose that name? Knowing that Utah is predominantly Morman, I thought of a Morman friend who once told me that she was happy to watch my little ones on our moving day because God rewarded her good deeds with blessings. So, maybe the town fathers chose the name to promote neighborly cooperation?

Engine with two helper engines heading out to climb the mountain

No, according to a historical marker, Helper began as a railway stop where extra (helper) engines were added to power coal trains over the mountain.
In any case, Helper is a well-kept, welcoming community. I was impressed to see an antique gas station on one of the main streets with unguarded glass gas pumps. Clearly, vandalism isn’t a “thing” in Helper. 
We especially appreciated their policy of allowing OHV riding in town as the surrounding area is rife with good riding and good scenery.

Gordon Falls near Helper

Coal miner in front of Town Hall

Street art in a Helper yard

Pinnicle Peak

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