Monthly Archives: September 2015

Holy Gratitude, Blog Woman!

I spent over a decade trying to get my mystery novel to work.  It may take another five years to get it publishable, but I’m up for it.  My patience with computer issues is another story.  Seven minutes is tops before my gasket blows.  Fortunately  Steve has amazing fortitude for trying and trying and trying and trying until he finds a solution. Still the idea of creating the requisite book-launch website with all bells, whistles, Tweets, and filters seemed akin to curing cancer.  I called the university computer science department and pleaded for a good student.  That’s when the heavens […]

Wurzburg wine cellar and Rothenburg romance 6/19/15

We hear a lot about prince-bishops in this area because they used their civic and church powers to amass fortunes and then build mementos to their greatness.  The Wurzburg Residence is one of those monuments and way too opulent for me.  Maybe there were some complaints at the time too because one of the palace planners confessed to being possessed by a Bauwurm–a building bug.  Room after room of in-your-face excess had me queasy.  I kept wondering how many children went hungry to pay for all that laborious gold leaf.  The last room we toured showed pictures of the ruin […]

Marktheidenfeld Barbeque Bash 6/16/15

I started a spectacular day with a walk along the river outside this pretty little town.  The forested hills leveled off to valley floor just across the road.  On my side the tallest grasses were head-high.  I heard a cuckoo and looked around for a house that must have a very loud clock.  I saw neither building nor beak, but I’m betting it was a sneaky bird. Our tour took us to an old paper mill which a young couple operates as a museum.  His family ran the mill for several generations.  She was Scandinavian, and they met at some […]

Heidelberg At Last 6/15/15

I knew Heidelberg would be bliss because my dad served there during the WWII Allied occupation, and I studied descriptions of the city to color my recounting of his story.  The bridge and city have been calling me ever since, but I was blown away all the same.  My historic sources painted the castle as a fading ruin above the city.  Clearly that was before the restoration.  The palace is now everything you could want in a castle, except maybe knights on horseback.  Actually the red sandstone fortress offers more than I’d have thought to request—an apothecary museum, the world’s largest wine […]