Dream Catching 2

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In Old Town Albuquerque, my cruise friend, Sally and I learned about Dream Catchers, artistic webs to hang above children’s pillows.  The beads fastened into the web are said to catch dreams before they reach the children.  They filter out nightmares, and pass the good dreams to feathers dangling beneath the web.  The feathers then transmit sweet dreams to the sleeping children.  This was news to me.  I’d always assumed that Dream Catchers were intended to snare waking dreams and help them come true.

Later we came across a box of unfinished dream catchers in a going-out-of business store.  I liked that the Dream Catchers were unfinished, giving be a chance to add my own stuff without having to build one from scratch.  Plus they were only a dollar.  How could I resist?

Sally asked if I was buying the Dream Catcher for a grandchild, but no, my grandchildren don’t seem to have much trouble with their dreams getting out of hand.  I’m the one who needs help netting the wild dream I’ve been chasing.

…Maybe I should have bought the whole box.

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