Mile High Sea Sightings

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Snorkeling the Under the Sea exhibit at the Denver Aquarium would have been more exciting if I hadn’t watched it on every round I’ve made as a volunteer guide. Still my view from the top revealed a number of things I’ve never have seen from the walkway.
An interesting fish approached and took a big interest in my gloved fingers.  I knew that no snorkelers have ever been nibbled in Under the Sea, but thanks to that visit, I also knew that the dive safety team’s decision to glove against fish nibbles was an excellent call.

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Active moray eels are easy to spot near exhibit windows, but in the quiet recesses they drape themselves in crevasses and over a “window” in the faux coral formation like discarded stockings. The cownose rays seemed cliquish, hanging out in an area where they are fed, but whenever I swam that way I felt welcomed by them.
As usual, the mermaids were the real eye catchers, especially when they breached, shed their tails, slung them over their shoulders, and strolled away.

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