Mile High Snorkel 2

Kim Yamauchi, Assistant Dive Safety Officer and Volunteer Coordinator for Denver’s Downtown Aquarium  (her photo)

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It was the most pampered snorkeling trip I’ve ever experienced.  Kim got me rigged up in top of the line gear, including a wetsuit that floats, then had me sit with my feet in the water while she slipped on my flippers! No waddling across the beach like a duck in clown shoes, no getting queasy in the waves, no fear of, drowning, drifting out to sea, animal attacks or boat strikes.  No worries period.  Any time I lifted my head, Kim was there with a float to steady me, answer questions, adjust my gear.  Much as I love the ocean, going sea-free has its perks.  Thanks Kim!!

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  • Kim Yamauchi

    This is wonderful! Thank you so much for painting such a lovely picture of what I do! Kim T. Yamauchi

    • breathtakebyways Post author

      I’m glad you liked it Kim! Thank you for making my swim such a luxury.

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