Where to Go, Go to Guys 2

Ranching valley

Our eclipse view outside Thermopolis, Wyoming

We asked half a dozen professional Themopolisians where we should go to watch the eclipse, but much as they tried, we got little help.  In the nick of time I pointed out the town’s road maintenance yard and reminded Steve that an Alaskan road maintenance guy had given great advice in another situation. Sure enough, he sent us to a perfect hillside overlooking the valley, no one around but a few horses, a herd of antelope, and a couple of highly compatible locals.  When totality commenced we could hear people cheering up and down the valley.  How could we have done better?

Thanks guys, you’re the best!

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2 thoughts on “Where to Go, Go to Guys

  • Linda Kreimeyer

    Glad to hear you had an awesome viewing spot. My daughter, a firefighter has told us to ask at the local fire station for a boondocking spot with a view. It’s helped us out several times.
    We watch the eclipse, although not the total you experienced, from the top of Rocky Mountain National Park. Pretty spectacular!

    • breathtakebyways Post author

      Great idea, Linda, thanks! I’ll definitely keep firefighters in mind next time we need direction.
      Glad you found a fabulous view for the eclipse. It was probably nice and cool up there too.

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