Tenerife Terrain

Cone-shaped mountain peak

Mount Teide, 3,718 m (12,198 feet) Photo by Ann Williams

Mount Teide is the third highest seafloor mount–measured seafloor to summit.  It towers over the Canaries’ Tenerife Island which isn’t large, so the trip from sea level to mountain top gains altitude in short order.

Bottle at sea level. Photo by A.W.

Our tour guide suggested opening a plastic bottle at our high point then sealing the cap well to show the effect of higher atmospheric pressure at the bottom.




Tenerife has been a volcanic hot spot for eons, and its history is written in vivid detail. 

Contrasting layers of ash from various eruptions is scientifically termed “cake.” 


Tenerife’s moonscapes seemed the ideal environment for testing the European Space Agency’s moon rover.


Drone view of Mount Teide test area. Photo from esa.int

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